R1-6 Base In-Street Pedestrian Crossing

SKU: R1-6 Base
  • R1-6 Base In-Street Pedestrian Crossing
  • R1-6 Base In-Street Pedestrian Crossing
  • R1-6 Base In-Street Pedestrian Crossing

In-Street Base Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Sign Specifications:

Our In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Panels provide enhanced conspicuous for both signalized and un-signalized pedestrian crossing areas.

  • 12"x44" Panel (Double Sided) Fluorescent Yellow Green
  • 10"x24" White Hi Intensity insert
  • Anti-Twist Feature
  • Fully Impactable
  • Highly Visible
  • Fully tested and NCHRP350 approved
  • Designed to take impacts and re-orient towards traffic
  • Signs are manufactured with 3M Diamond Grade Fluorescent Yellow Green Sheeting with White Hi Intensity Sheeting Insert
  • meets MUTCD Section 2B.12 In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Signs (R1-6, R1-6a)
  • Stop, Yield and School option


Base Specifications:

  • Bases are made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 34" x 14" x 2"
  • Base comes standard 

Color Legend 


In-street crosswalk signs must be installed at uncontrolled pedestrian crossings to make the crosswalk more visible and increase drier yielding. They are more likely to be effective on two-lane, low-speed streets than on multi-lane, high-speed streets, and are prohibited by the 2009 MUTCD at signalized intersections. They can be easily damaged and need to be reset or replaced when damaged.

In-street pedestrian crossing signs should be placed at the crosswalk in the street or on a median, but should not obstruct the pedestrian path of travel. In-street signs can be permanently installed in the roadway or mounted on a portable base to allow them to be taken in and out of the street as needed. When portable in-street signs are used for school crossings, they should be monitored by a school official or adult school crossing guard.