Beach Warning Flag Sign 30"x36"

SKU: Beach 30"x36"

The beach flags provide general warnings about overall surf conditions and do not specifically advise the public of the presence of rip currents. However increasing awareness of natural conditions which pose a significant risk at the beach, such as rip currents, is a critical element to improve public safety.

Beach Warning Flags Sign 30" x 36" is for use with beach warning signs to ensure public awareness to the water conditions. A favorite among most beach and open water rescue lifeguard teams.

  • Sign Size: 30" X 36"
  • Sign Materials: .080 Engineer Grade Aluminum, High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Aluminum Sheeting;
  • Coating Covered with White Engineer Reflective Sheeting; or Approved Equivalent. Standard Rounded Corners.
  • Sign Color: Sign has black border and letters and 3 M 700 series reflective ink colors. The pan tone colors for the flag graphic are: Green; Yellow; Red; and Purple

Don't forget to order a post and hardware for easy installation.