3M Engineer Grade Sheeting Series 3430 24"x50yd

SKU: RG-3M-EG 24"x 50 yd
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  •   3M Engineer Grade Sheeting Series 3430 24"x50yd
  •   3M Engineer Grade Sheeting Series 3430 24"x50yd
  •   3M Engineer Grade Sheeting Series 3430 24"x50yd

3M™ Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting designed for production of reflective commercial signs and noncritical traffic control signs that are exposed vertically in service. 3M™ Engineer Grade application is good for directional and route signage and off-road signage such as parking lots (handicapped signs no-parking, restricted parking, etc.) 3M™ Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting provides long-term reflectivity and durability. 

 The Series 3430 provides the following benefits over conventional beaded Engineer Grade products:

  • Non-metalized micro-prismatic lens retroreflective optic technology 
  • Reliable and proven prismatic retroreflective technology from 3M
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM D4956 Type I specification
  • Performance life of seven years
  • Solventless environment

General Performance Considerations

The durability of 3M Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting Series 3430 will depend upon substrate selection and preparation, compliance with recommended application procedures, geographic area, exposure conditions, and maintenance. Engineer grade prismatic reflective sheeting can be expected to provide satisfactory performance for 5-7 years when processed with 3M matched component inks and films, depending upon climatic conditions of the installation. Maximum durability of Series 3430 sheeting can be expected in applications subject to vertical exposure on stationary objects when processed and applied to properly prepared aluminum.

Sign Fabrication Methods

Sign Fabrication Methods Application Series 3430 sheeting comes with pressure sensitive adhesive and should be applied to the sign substrate at room temperature 65°F (18°C) or higher by any of the following methods: Mechanical squeeze roll applicator.
Application to extruded guide sign panels that require edge wrapping requires heat directed at the next-to-last edge roller. Cracking or edge lifting may occur if the sheeting is not sufficiently heated during the edge wrapping process. Hand squeeze roll applicator.

Hand application is recommended for legend and copy only. Application of sheeting for complete signs or backgrounds must be performed with a roll laminator, either mechanical or hand. Hand applications may result in visual irregularities that may be aesthetically objection- able to some customers. Such irregularities are more noticeable on darker colors. To obtain a close-up uniform appearance, a roll laminator must be used. All direct applied copy and border MUST be cut at all metal joints and squeegeed at the joint.

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