3M Diamond Grade VIP Series 3990 24"x50yd

SKU: RG-3M-VIP 24'X50yd
  • 3M Diamond Grade VIP Series 3990 24"x50yd
  • 3M Diamond Grade VIP Series 3990 24"x50yd
  • 3M Diamond Grade VIP Series 3990 24"x50yd

3M™ Diamond Grade Visual Impact Performance (VIP) Reflective Sheeting is a wide angle prismatic lens reflective sheeting designed for the production of durable traffic control signs and delineators that are exposed vertically in service. This sheeting is designed to provide higher sign brightness than sheeting's that use glass bead lenses. It is intended to also provide high sign brightness in the legibility distance where other sheeting's do not. 3M™ Diamond Grade Visual Impact Performance Reflective application is good for traffic control signs, critical action signs, street name signs and overhead guide signs. 

 The Series 3430 provides the following benefits over conventional beaded Engineer Grade products

  • Clear, continous visiblity from all angles
  • Good performance in short sight/legibility distances
  • More visible in ambient light condtions
  • 12 year warranty
  • Meets specification ASTM D 4956-04, Type IX
  • highly visible in all light and weather conditions
  • highly reflective, durable, microprismatic sheeting


Sign Fabrication Methods

Diamond Grade DG3 sheeting incorporates a pressure sensitive adhesive and should be applied to the sign substrate at temperature of 65ºF/18ºC or higher by any of the following methods: Mechanical squeeze roll applicator – refer to 3M Information Folder (IF) 1.4. Application to extrusions that are edge wrapped requires sufficient softening of the sheeting. This can be accomplished by directing additional heat to the “next to last” edge roller. This practice will increase productivity and minimize cracking. Hand squeeze roll applicator – refer to 3M IF 1.6. Application of Diamond Grade DG3 sheeting for complete signs or backgrounds must be done with a roll laminator, either mechanical or hand driven.

Hand Application
Hand application is recommended for legend and copy only. Refer to 3M Information Folder 1.5 for more details. Hand applications will show some visual irregularities, which are objectionable to aesthetically critical customers. These are more noticeable on darker colors. To obtain a close-up uniform appearance, a roll laminator must be used. All direct applied copy and border MUST be cut at all metal joints and squeegeed at the joints.

Double Faced Signs
The sheeting on the bottom side of a double faced sign can be damaged if rolled through a squeeze roll applicator with an unprotected steel bottom roller. The use of a semi-soft flat sheet between the steel roller and the applied sign face will provide protection from damage. A material such as a rubber mat, tag board or cardboard is recommended

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