Zepher Sign Stand with Universal Bracket

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  • Zepher Sign Stand with Universal Bracket
  • Zepher Sign Stand with Universal Bracket
  • Zepher Sign Stand with Universal Bracket

The Zephyr portable sign stand is constructed of a steel plate molded into a recycled rubber base (weight 38 lbs). Two molded-in carrying handles allow for easy movement and placement of the Zephyr stand. The Zephyr sign stand is easy to use - simply release the lever and raise the mast to lock it into the upright position. No further adjustments are necessary. No folding legs that extend out into traffic.

The plastic corner pocket at the bottom of the sign allows for quick and easy mounting of sign to stand. Just insert the corner pocket and press down. The sign automatically locks in place. To remove the sign, simply lift the release lever. The big rubber base (28" x 17 1/2") is skid-resistant and is stable enough to remain in place, even in windy conditions. Zephyr "spills the wind" without the use of bulky springs.

Low profile — the Zephyr Sign Stand takes up very little storage space in the trunk (only 4" tall when folded). Stacking lugs are molded into the base for easy storage. The vertical mast folds down and locks in place, minimizing damage during loading, transporting, and unloading.

The Universal bracket allows any manufactures roll up sign to be used with the zepher stand.