R7-8b 12"x24" Reserved Handicapped Symbol

SKU: R7-8b 12"x24"

Reserved Handicapped Parking Sign with symbol are manufactured with .080 aluminum and are available with the following reflective sheeting options:

1. Engineering Grade reflective sheeting (EG) 
2. High Intensity Prismatic reflective (HIP) - 10 year warranty
3. Diamond Grade reflective sheeting (DG) - 12 year warranty

  • Sign graphics are applied with translucent inks, vinyl, or translucent film
  • Weather-resistant traffic grade aluminum will not rust or crack
  • Manufactured to last for years outdoors
  • These signs will mount directly on a post, wall, or fence
  • Sign will resist fading
  • Pre-punched 3/8" mounting holes. (Top & Bottom)
  • Sign meets MUTCD specifications for federal highway use


** Any Parking sign may be order with or without an arrow. Please indicate left arrow, right arrow or double arrow when ordering. If no arrow is specified, the message will be centered proportionally without an arrow. Please specified when adding to cart**

Don't forget to order a post and hardware for easy installation.

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The MUTCD allows for three types of parking signs, permissive, no parking, and no standing. However, in most states, there is an additional more restrictive one, no stopping. These signs are found in the R7 series of signs in the MUTCD. As all situations are not covered, several states and local governments have their own standards in addition to the MUTCD.

Permissive Parking-Regulated

These types of signs allow for parking for either an unlimited or varied amount of time. These types are often used in conjunction with parking meters and parking permits. These signs are specified by the MUTCD to be green on white. Local variations do occur with additional information and slightly different designs.

No Parking-Prohibitive

No parking signs indicate that loading or unloading there while temporarily stopped is permitted, but parking is not. Some no parking signs display time restrictions, while others are permanent restrictions. There are also temporary versions of the signs, often of similar design to the permanent ones. These signs are specified by the MUTCD to be red on white, although local variations do occur.

No Standing

No standing signs indicate that stopping temporarily to load or unload passengers is allowed, while parking is not allowed. As with no parking signs, some restrictions displayed on the signs are permanent and some are time based. The signs are also specified by the MUTCD to be red on white, but local variations exist.


Engineer Grade Sheeting:

Engineer Grade Reflective sheeting is a high quality, durable, enclosed lens retro reflective material.  This reflective sheeting offers exceptional value for permanent traffic signage applications.  Engineer Grade Reflective sheeting is the most economical reflective finish and is recommended for commercial and non-critical traffic signs.  Engineer Grade Reflective Meets applicable requirements for Engineer Grade sheeting applications for Type I retro reflective sheeting as set forth in ASTM D 4956.

High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting: Best Value – Recommended

High intensity Prismatic sheeting is recommended where brighter daytime colors and slightly higher reflectivity levels are desired. Prismatic High Intensity sheeting is durable, highly reflective sheeting designed for traffic control and guide signs.  Traffic Signs & Safety, Inc. recommends High Intensity Prismatic as the cost to upgrade over Engineer Grade Sheeting is minimal, it meets multiple specifications and has the lowest cost of ownership.  Key benefits include vivid daytime colors, a scratch resistant finish and an improved optical package for increased night visibility.  High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting comes with a 10 year warranty.

Diamond Grade Sheeting:

Diamond Grade sheeting offers excellent daytime color and the highest levels of reflectivity. It is our top of the line prismatic sheeting applicable for all high speed roadways and urban areas where higher or lower ambient light levels can make signs less visible.  Diamond Grade sheeting is ideal for overhead guide signs and directional signs. Many state and local municipalities require Diamond Grade sheeting on Stop signs (R1-1), Do Not Enter signs (R5-1) and Yield signs (R2-1) Traffic signs manufactured with Diamond Grade sheeting provide early detection and an extended range of sign legibility. Meets specification ASTM D 4956-04, Type IX.  Diamond Grade sheeting comes with a 12 year warranty.